What if a girl asks you if you want to go to breakfast?

What if a girl asked you to go to breakfast? What does it mean? Is she interested?


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  • Is it just breakfast? Or breakfast after a night? Either way she's asking to spend time with you, and that's a good sign. I generally don't just randomly ask a guy to hangout unless I like him.

    • Yeah but we talked on the phone a hour and at the end I said hey do you want to talk on the phone once a week if that's cool and she said yeah actually I wanted to know if you wanted to go get breakfast soon

    • What do you think now

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  • Well she is interested in going to breakfast with you is she not? Haha Go for it bro. Ya most likely.


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  • She wants to get to know you. You are a potential. And you're a cool guy let's hang out.

    • But she just got out of a 2 year relationship a month ago and says she's not looking fir a relationship but before she asked me we talked on the phone for a hour

    • She don't want a relationship as of now. Since she just got out of a relationship; she wants some to be there. Just go have breakfast with her and be there for her.

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