Girls, How to know if there's something between us?

There's a new girl at my work and I have a crush on her. I just found out my other co-worker has a thing for her too. I know as professionals we keep it together and are nice to everyone in a similar way but somehow I can feel that her attention towards me is different than others. I do feel a bit jealous when my co-worker leaves his work and hovers around her to chat. She gets along with everyone. But, her attention towards me is alwyas different thatn to others. We gaze in each others eyes and her smile when she looks at me every time we see each other is differnet to how she's with others at work. Recently, I got her a coffee while she was at work and I was off. I went up to her to drop it off and leave but she said she couldn't have it there as its not allowed and she said that while being funny. I didn't knew what to do and she then says "leave it in my locker" and she gave me the combo. I was shocked. I wasn't expecting that as its a personl info plus she's a girl and I never thought or heard a girl sharing her locker combo with someone other than her boyfriend/best-friend/girlfriend. I feel that she knows I like her and that I am not just being "just another nice guy" which she can use for getting her work done. What I want to confirm is that does she really trust me in that sense to share her combo with me. I wouldn't give mine to anyone even when I know that person. The only exception will be my girlfriend. What do you guys think about this? Does she likes and trusts me as she would trust someone she's close to? Girls and guys, both are welcome to share their opinions on this and help me understand if I am on a righ track. I also want to know if it will be too soon to make a move? My co-worker is a comptetion here so I thought I should let her know about my feelings before he does something.


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  • like if you really like her go for it but im just guessing what if she doesn't feel the same way.. then it''s so awkward. ..

    • I agree with you and that is the reason I am thinking whether I should or shouldn't. But were there not any signs to say she might like me based on the info? what do you think?

    • i think if you really feel the conection than you should go for it boo you'll always wonder if she ever liked you if you don't ask her.

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