He is such a sweet amazing guy but all I can think of is breaking up with him... what do I do?

I started dating this guy 1 month ago. We were close friends for about 4 or 5 months and then we started dating when he asked me out. He is sweet and caring and always worries for me first. He is shy (which can create some problems when I feel like im bossing him around all the time which I dont want) but sincere. His family is amazing and caring also, they buy me little gifts and invite me to dinners...
If he is everything I would want in a guy (other than his shyness which is the main problem) why do I only think of breaking up with him? I dont know what to do because I want to break up and I dont want to string him along but I dont want to hurt his feelings because he is so great.. I dont want to make his family hate me but I really could only wish to be friends right now... we sit next to each other in every class we take, our friend circle is the same... Why do I want to break up with him... sometimes I wish I had just said no when he asked me out...


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  • You are probably not able to look past his shyness. My suggestion would be to talk things out and see if you can make the relationship work, before deciding to break up. If you break up out of the blue, he'll be badly hurt, and puzzled too, because he'd feel he never did anything wrong, and still got dumped.

    • Yeah it is especially difficult because he was bullied and his parents were talking to me and said I bring him out of his shell and that I made him happy. I just prefer a very dominant, bold guy because I am shy myself and I want someone who will tell me we are doing this today keep your plans open...

    • Then just talk to him, and ask him to at least make an effort to be a bit more dominant!:)

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  • No please don't break up with him mean it is so hard to find a guy like that I this world. He loves you very much and cares for you very much so keep him :)

    • It is hard because I am shy... I am attracted to men for their confidence and because he doesn't have any I feel like it is failing...

    • don't feel that way as long as you two love each other, everything will be ok I promise you :)

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  • I say would talk to him about it.


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