He is obviously ignoring for a reason but possibly why? if we were on good term's?

We met back in 2013 he flaked on me when we were heading to that relationship stage, now we became more closer just a few month's ago he was talking about if we plan to be in a relationship he wants me to be around his friend's and family we always trying to hang as we never have but everytime he wanted to hang it was bad timing, then about 2-3 week's ago I went down to Tampa (hometown like a hour away from me where he lives too) for a family event I left the party to see him FINALLY,
he took me to his favorite spot on this shore in the neighborhood & then we went to his friend's he was being cute w/me, we left he took me to places to eat but I didn't feel good to eat he was going to take me to see a movie but we mistaken the day of the movie, so we went to his place we cuddled he was being all corny & cute I loved it, then thing's went far but I kept pushing him off & avoiding it just happened,
but he was being all affectionate & cheesy kissing & romance nothing like straight f**king, even after he just held me & was being all romantic, that hour back home I was distant I was embarassed was so worried this might ruin us, when we got to my place he was like "I'm really happy u came down" I was tongue stuck was like "yeh I told u I would!" he hugged me tight then again. when he left I texted him saying "I'm sorry I was quiet was embarassed that we had... y I was hesitant about it, I just hope it doesn't ruin anything/us cause I really like u, I want to see u again soon" he replied "We are def hanging again :)" 3 day's later I texted him saying "I miss u, I really want to hang again soon" he never replied. I knew he was ignoring cause he was uploading snapchat's I activated my Facebook he was on his then this past Friday I texted "Hey what are u doing this weekend? during week? I can put in 20$ for gas" he never texted, I figured he already had plan's during weekend was his way saying not this weekend or maybe he was low of gas 20$ wasn't enough, during week was stupid asking being he has college/work. anyway's I also noticed he deleted me off snapchat my facebook was still open he didn't take me off there but he doesn't even use it like that or his IG he didn't block me on IG cause I still follow him on it. so Saturday I texted " Are u ok? u been ignoring me on hanging out & deleted me on snapchat?" & nothing. so what is going on?

I also may add in that this guy is not always with chick's he is always with family/his guyfriend's and I don't think he has ever been in a relationship... maybe slept around but relationship nah..


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  • Paragraphs are essential.

    Basically what's happened here is all he wanted was sex, you have gave him sex and now he's done with you.

    You got played. He's played you.


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