Shall I message him? Or shall I wait for him to message me?

I've been seeing a guy we have been on dates etc and the last time I saw him was last weekend, I slept at his for the first time. Everything was fine after and he said he'd like to meet again. I accidentally left my watch at his and would ideally want it back now lol I suggested to him whether we could meet up this week for me to pick it up or if he wanted to do something as well, which he replied yes we'll do something. The last time I spoke to him was Saturday when this was planned. I was slightly annoyed because he is very laid back and I feel I have to organise everything. If he doesn't want to actually meet again that's fine I just want my watch back lol the thing is I know he must like me enough as he said he did want to meet again. He did suggest Tuesday to meet but still hadn't replied back, shall I message him tonight? Wait longer? Or shall I wait for him? As I don't want to keep throwing texts at him. advice please?


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  • I don't see how it matters


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