I'm so in love with him. But when I think of him, I feel awful about myself?

I'm so in love with my best friend. He's so wonderful. We do a lot together, and we've had our moments of drunken flirtation. We talk almost every day and see each other every weekend. Every time I'm not talking to him, I'm thinking about him and missing him. I'm always worried I'm texting him too much, or being too clingy. I cry a lot, because I'm worried that I'm not pretty enough, or too much like a "bro" to be with him. (I hang out with a lot of guys) what should I do? I'm worried if I tell him it'll ruin what we have, yet going on like this seems impossible.


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  • That's a tough situation. How long have you been friends for?

    • We've been friends for a year. And we became close right away

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    • Never. He's talked about his ex once or twice, but just to reference her as part of a story or something

    • Then he may have a thing for you too but he could be too shy to say something. Someone needs to make the first move, so why not tell him how you feel? I had a crush on a good friend about 13 years ago and never said anything. I just recently found out he had a thing for me too, but was too shy to say something. He's married with kids now, so I missed out. Don't have that happen to you.

  • girl... if you cry about it... then go for it. but dont forget to tell him that if he rejects you, you'll still treat him as your best friend and you hope he will too