Is she just a friend?

So, I've been dating a guy for the past 1.5 months and we've been hanging out every other weekend (his days off). This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting one of his female friends and we all hung out for a few hours at a festival for drinks. Everything was fine until I go into a store come out and she is whispering in his ear and see me walking out and instantly steps back. I get a little annoyed but nothing enough for me to get super upset over and cause a scene. Now we get back to his place and we are watching a football and he sends me a text message about having a 3sum with this friend and goes on "our 1 and only it will never happen again, I only want to have one with you, she is only a friend. It's a yes or no" I say "no!" And since we are not together I told him have fun with her , we are not together and I can't stop you from having sex with other women just know I will no longer have sex with him. He starts begging for me not to be mad, asking if we were still going to be together over and over again. Said he would never ask again and he doesn't want to lose me I am a good woman, it was a mistake to ask, he never had sex with her and he see's a future with me and blah blah blah! Didn't ask her to leave but not concerned because my problem is with him and not his friend. So of course I said what I had to say to him and I closed myself in his room and he kept checking on me to make sure I was okay... I don't know what to think 😩😩😩😩 trust him or leave him alone


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  • .. I don't know why you're with him if you don't trust him O. o

    • I trusted him before this took place

    • well then.. if you have doubts leave him.. doubts always ruin a relationship

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