Guys, what would you do if a girl lied about her age 3 times?

I lied about my age 3 times, and that was before I caught feelings. At first I just thought we'd be friends who causally went out on dates, and at most friends with benefits, now that we're too far into talking (6 months) I feel as if its way too late to tell him the truth, but if I dont come out we probably won't date for long. When I tell him the truth it would be the 4th time, my only fear is he'd question us dating and how honest I am because I lied about something that much. I never lied in a relationship before, and im a very honest person. Should I come out and tell him or should I just never tell him and kinda let him figure out on his own?


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  • Depends, but if you lied to make yourself seem more compatible with me, then I would understand. I also understand a lot of women do not like getting older and lie about their age to simply feel better about being older. Not really a big deal.

    • I lied once and said i was 19, another time and said I was 18, another time saying I was turning 18 in a few weeks, (like, I said "oh im 18 in a week so its easier to say im 18 now than it would be to say im 17") when in reality I would have been 18 in 6 months (from the time I told him). So I lied to be legal.

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    • But 3 (4 when i come out and tell him) times? How do you think he'd feel? He's 10 years older than me by the way, so like when he thought I was 17 (the 3rd time I lied about my age) he was kinda like "wtf" about it. How do you think I should explain it to him? Just be straight up, what if he doesn't want to do or be anything with me because I lied about my age THAT much? I heard stories where people lied about their age for a year to their partner, but I kinda just wanna rip it off like a band-aid before we would start our relationship. Should I just wait until he's madly in love with me then do it?

    • Honesty is always the best policy. Just tell him you lied so he wouldn't pass you over because he thought you would be too young. Tell him you wanted him so bad it was worth lying over! I am sure he will think it was cute and won't care. Not a big deal to me.

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