Guys, Is he interested or just weighing his options?

so recently, I developed a crush on this guy who i'd been interested in about 3 years ago. I asked him out then and he turned me down and life moved on. Well the other day, i mentioned to one of my girlfriends that I kinda was interested. And what do you know, the next day he was talking to me in classes and Texting me. He even cane up to me and talked for a while which was super awkward (this kid can be really awkward). So today, my friend told me that this guy has been talking to another girl for a while, and after the super awkward convo the other day, i told her i wasn't interested in him much anymore. So this boy came up to me today, asked if I was going to this party, and then told me he'd been talking to this girl, which i already knew, and he said that he was gonna do something for her and i said that was nice and tried to get him to go away. He continued to stand there silently and then finally he said, "I'm gonna have our first kiss at this party (him and the girl), so i said yeah thats cool. I don't know if he wanted to see if i'd be jealous? guys i need your help on this one.


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  • I think he's trying to make you jealous, sounds slimy to me. "I'm interested, only if you want me bad enough to try and ruin the other girl" attitude. I could be wrong, but that's my gut