He's having me over... Is he expecting a friendship or do you think he's aware I'm crushing on him?

Hey guys ^.^ quick question.

I have this coffee meet planned with a guy I introduced myself to... I saw him around at my college, so I thought why not and introduced myself and said I'd like to get to know him. He said we should have coffee sometime and seemed really receptive. It wasn't flirting though (in our messages or our brief encounter in person) it was just friendly talk. He is having me over to his dorm room (he has a roommate but I don't know it he'll be there) for coffee, we rescheduled a few times because of conflicts with school, but now it's set for this Thursday and I'm just wondering if he knows I'm attracted to him in a more sexual way or if he thinks I'm just being friendly... Or what he is hoping for... I know you can't read his mind, but I'm wondering normally if it looks like I'm interested and he is too or if our motivations are different... & What clues would I pick up on when we're together?


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  • I think he's interested just because he accepted a date. Take the opportunity to ask how he feels


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