Why would a guy just want to have sex with you and nothing more?

For instance, he'll take you out once in a while but you guys have sex most of the time. He says all these nice things to do but his actions show differently. Why would a guy use a woman for sex only even when if she's a great woman? What are the reasons i must know. Does he just desire her looks?


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  • I'm kind of in the same boat, but I'm the guy in this situation. The truth is, I do like her and think she's pretty and fun to be around, but I know I can do better so I don't want to limit myself when/if a better girl comes along. I know that sounds horrible, but it's the truth. If I wasn't seeing the current girl I'm seeing I would get no sex or female affection which is something all straight men are constantly craving, it's basically better than nothing. I was so sick and tired of chasing and waiting for the perfect girl to come along that I just got involved with a girl who I sort of like and think she's attractive because she showed interest in me and I knew I could get what I was looking for. He already knows you're not what he's looking for so he's just keeping you around until a "better" option comes along. Sorry if that's super harsh, but it's the truth.

    • I guess I feel the same about him lol

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  • Cause apparently the girl is perfectly ok with just going out once in a while but having sex most of the time

  • Have you ever heard of friends with benefits? It's recreational sex and many people, both men and women, enjoy it.

    I would pose the question... why not? Why not have sex with someone if you enjoy it? Why does there have to be anything else?

    The key is to have realistic expectations. Did he give you some indication he wanted more? Did you set that expectation with him so that he knew you expected more?

    • He told me what I stated in the details. That I am more to him than a friend it's what he implied

    • I gave him an ultimatum but then after we went on a date we had sex so I messed that up

    • If he is being dishonest and leading you on, then that's not OK. But a guy cannot "use a girl for sex" if they are honest with each other and she is getting satisfaction out of it too.

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