From jealousy to dating?

I have been friends w/ benefits with this guy for a year and a half. He text me one day and said he heard I was going out on dates with a guy both him and I knew. I told him thats not true and its not like that. He then said its OK I don't mind. I teach you things for that reason (which he meant learning things in bed to use on other guys) that way it's less awkward. I said to him wtf I just told you it's not like that with him so why are you still assuming it is? He said oh OK. It's like that with someone else? I'm just wrong about who? A week and a half after that we were texting one day and I was telling him that I wanted sex and he said he would take too long. I said it's up to him I don't care how long he takes. He said: so question. Would you want this much sex and stuff if we lived in the same apartment building or we were dating? My question to you all is do you think him saying those things about that other guy and questioning if there is any other guy at all and asking the question about having the long sex if we we dating or living in the apartment building are somehow linked?


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  • Yes they are. He was jealous

    • Why would he bring up the dating part?

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    • Yes, it isn't rocket science

    • Guess I'm just subconscious. Thanks.

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