Guys, would you date me?

I'm 5'4, green eyes, dark brown hair. I can be kinda clingy at time but am very caring and understanding. I'm cool with just staying in watching a movie or going out to dinner. I'm fairly nerdy and like food.


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  • Well i would date a girl like you or as you describe yourself, but I won't recomend you to be desperate about finding someone, guys aren't the only thing in life and sometimes starting to date someone takes it's time, me personally like to get to know the other person as a friend and if that person is really nice i'd start to develop a crush on her, a good friendship prior to a relationship helps the relationship to be more stable than jumping directly into dating.

    • I know. I'm just not that patient. I wish I was. I'm just really lonely and stuff :( and I'm sick asshole high school boys.

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    • Yeah I'm not lucky in relationships

    • Is understandable, many of us aren't lucky when it comes to love but hey, don't let that makes you sad keep yourself positive, and be patient. Also as far as i have talked with you, you seem to be a nice person, i'll give you follow.

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  • Well, obviously I would want to learn more than that, but the description gives me no reason not to. Are you looking for someone right now?

  • There would have to be something seriously wrong with someone for me not to date them.

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