Did he use me for sex?

So I been kinda talking to this guy. Our first date was dinner, pool, and stargazing. Our second was basically drunken sex. On Thursday night he made the plan to pick me up from my house, buy groceries, then make dinner at my house at 6... I said okay see you at 6... 6 rolls along and I'm not hearing anything... 6:30 I text him "yo." Waited until 7:30 and decided no one is that late without a notice.. so I text him the next day. "Hey what happened last night?" He bluntly said "I wasn't feeling good so I fell asleep and didn't see your text so I totally flaked. I'm sorry." I didn't respond because I don't want to be in a desperate situation since it doesn't seem like he cares. Is that a lame excuse? It's been a few days, should I text him? I naively miss him but I don't want to make a fool out of myself. Give me the tough love please!


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  • I'm sorry honey. I know how hard it is to be interested in someone and have sex with him and then he changes his mind. Just move on. He is not interested no more and yes he did use you for sex. If sex was not good, he wouldn't have sex three times with you. But since that the only thing he wanted, he got it and he doesn't feel like to work more on being nice to you or being in a relationship. He doesn't deserve you.


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  • Well, you had sex with him too, did you use him? Was there a prior agreement that stated "We only have sex if we both want something more than just sex"? Did he ever say he wants a relationship, or not just sex?

    It does seem like he's no longer interested, but it doesn't mean he used you for sex, maybe the sex was what made him change his mind.

    • He did have sex with me 3 times that night and implied that he wanted sex a few days later, so I don't know if he didn't enjoy it. But I just don't understand why he ditched a plan he made

    • It was shitty of him not to tell you that he wasn't gonna go, but maybe he just didn't enjoy the sex. I wouldn't expect to see him again, just move on. If he texts you, he wants something more, if he doesn't, then he was there just for the sex.

  • His feelings have changed. Sex does that. Sometimes for better and sometimes not

    • But why plan something 17 hours ahead to you know you're just gonna ditch me? Seemed strange

    • He couldn't be honest

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