How Do I Initiate a French Kiss?

Alright so I'd like to think I'm not too shabby at kissing but I can't for the life of me figure out how to initiate a french kiss. How do I do it?

And please, no troll answers like "just shove your tounge in her mouth derp."


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  • Just when you're making out (without tongue), just kinda run the tip of your tongue on the inside of her lip.
    It's amazing. And itll get the point across.


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  • It's simple. Lean in close and whisper in her ear "bonjour no" and wait for her to say "wí"

    • sry :D dont want to be the nerd, but it's 'oui'

    • @phillykreta Haha that's actually very nice to know, thanks 🤓 as you can probably tell, I'm not all too edumacated In the ways of French

    • I just didn't wanna come off as a know-it-all.
      But you're welcome ;)