Would you have sex with a guy before he proved to you that he was committed and that you are exclusive and the only one?

I have been pumped and dumped by too many times to let that happen to me again

Sure a guy can say he care but actions can speak louder then words and if I feel a guy is ashamed of me or if he has not introduced me to his parents or friends I'm going to think something is up because I was born at night but I sure as hell was not born last night

I do not plan on dating right now but I have been through enough bad experience With men to write a novel about it

And why do men expect sex so soon?

*too many times


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  • Even if a guy introduces you to friends or family doesn't mean he'll be serious with you.

    Maybe you should take a break from the dating scene and do your own thing for now.


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  • Nope but because I don't do sex since I am saving it for marriage.

    And even if I did, I would not have sex with someone if I did not feel the commitment.


    • Thank you for MHO❤

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  • "Pumped and dumped" lol

    But guys don't expect sex soon, we just want it as fast as possible. Why? Because sexual attraction is what makes us interested in you off the bat.

    If a guy attempts to even get your number, or try to have conversation, he's already decided that he'd have sex with you.

    I mean, we make that decision before any words are even exchanged.

  • Because sex is the number one way that a guy knows that the girl is actually interested and invested in me

    • That's false

    • What about trust, loyalty, honesty and strength?

    • You said it yourself, actions speak louder than words. Physical intimacy is the best showing of interest

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