How can I meet guys?

I am a 19 year old girl that lives in a big city. I think I'm fairly attractive, a little chubby, but good looking when I am thinner. My personality is decent and I becoming a better person as I grow. Yet I am completely unappealing to men. Older homeless men hit on me but no younger man has ever asked me on a date. I was never able to meet guys in my school or start a relationship, that kind of thing wasn't very common at my high school. More than half the guys at my work are gay, the rest are taken. Honestly, most people I know are gay so that really limits my options. The boys who have given me a chance always ended up caring very much about me. I just don't know where or how I can meet decent guys and get them to approach me. I always see people who have met guys through mutual friends or at school. They become friends then start a relationship then get married. I don't see that ever happening to me. I've tried online dating but it's not my thing. I know guys like me when they get to know me, but how do I make myself more appealing or approachable that they start interacting with me?


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