Why do guys let a girl fall for him?

i recently asked my friends with benefits would he date me seriously, and he said he doesn't think it would work out if we dated. i tell him im scared that i'm really starting to like him and he's happy about it. we recently started holding hands as well. he's really touchy now. he gave me an unexpected expensive gift. it's just going to make it harder for me to not like him. but he's already decided we are not compatible, and he'd be willing to let me go if someone better came along.


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  • So are you a child and it's his responsibility if you develop feelings or not?

    • he's developed feelings too. just won't date me seriously.

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  • I think he is all Talk and even with his Action, he is showing me that 'He's already decided you Are... Compatible.
    The writing on the wall and all is that he has these inner feelings for you or he would not be doing the 'Unexpected' and expressing even happiness in 'I'm really starting to like him.'
    However, he is Not Ready nor Raring at present to be this Hooked at the hip Nor Two birds of a feather, although he wants you to Stick together because of the Other so-called "benefits."
    He most likely is telling you about the Dating deal for his own reason for the season, but from where I am sitting he is making it a sweet Deal now, he is merely nursing and nurturing this, doesn't want to feel pressured at all, and is keeping you at arm's length for the time being so he has his space. It's sort of like Having his cake and eating it too.
    Go slow with this flow with Joe. I see some amazing chemistry that just could end up to be sizzling one day and go with a bang in being A... Potential partnership, you never know.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I say find a new friend with benefits. If he's saying he'll move on if someone better came along then he's obviously not committed enough to date you. Friends with benefits only work if both people don't have feelings.

    • i tried to end it before, and he wished me well and hoped i would be able to find a guy to take care of me better than he ever could.

    • we have both developed feelings for each other. more than friends with benefits. and i tried to end it because he made that decision, but he said he still wanted to see me. my question is, if you know a girl likes you, and you won't date her, why would you let her fall for you?

    • Maybe to boost his confidence? I have absolutely no idea, I think it's cruel. Or maybe so you don't leave or so he's always got a go to girl.