What is your opinion on me having a talk with him?

I have been seeing (I guess) my best friend, that I lived with in dorms at uni, for the last few months. He recently moved home:

- I graduate & leave this year so won't be returning
- He just got out of a 2.5 year relationship
- We are not exclusive
- He has definitely been messaging other people, has "hooked up" with other people & slept with 2 but early on (no one has a regualr thing like me)
- He has said he doesn't want a realtionship yet but we have since got closer

- He slept in my bed every night at uni
- He said he loved me the day before he left
- Lots of time together, cuddles & kisses
- He said he will miss me & left me a cute note
- We have been messaging since, will both go to a party on Saturday & then are going for lunch together the next day
- He has invited me to his friends farm sometime & said if i visit his house he will take me to dinner
- I will be living 1.5 hrs away from him

I don't know where this is going now that we are apart & want to talk to him at lunch on Sunday. Topics I want to approach:
- Feeling insecure now that we are not around each other e. g. feeling like he will just dissapear or get over me
- Other girls e. g. will they take my place, is he seeing anyone, am i the only one he is saying these things to
- What happens now? e. g. how do we act, am i filling in time/backup, is there any future or should i give up

What do you think about talking to him about these things?
Is there anything else you would bring up/wouldn't bring up?
How will he react?


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  • I think they are good topics to talk to him about. I assume you really like the guy and want to start something serious with him. I know you previously stated that in the negative section he doesn't want a relationship.. yet.

    I guess you can lay things all out on the table and be like "look i really like you, is there anyway that things could become serious between us or not?" I assume you guys will be taking it slow. But that way he knows what your intentions are with him. The girls his hooked up with before will decrease and everything will fall into place. On the other hand he may just want to "have fun hooking up" and it may be something you are either turned off by or not willing to accept him for it. Either way you have two choices. Wait and see what he says and choose the solution upon those. The way he would react? I'm quite unsure. But it will be good insight for him