Why am I so scared?

Hey everyone, so there's this girl I've been messaging for a couple of weeks now (I like her a lot), but I've never really spoken to her in person. Whenever I get the chance I feel way too scared and nervous for some reason. Is there any way to overcome this fear without changing my personality (I'm a shy dude and doesn't really speak much in class or anything)?


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  • You've seen her in class, right? Or at least at your school? TALK. TO. HER. Girls usually love it when a guy makes the first move, and if she and you have been messaging each other for weeks, I promise you, she's interested. (Unless she is just answering with "k" haha).

    If you are worried about an awkward date or something, a movie is a sure fire way to go. Not only can you guys just chill quietly for a couple hours, there will be a lot to talk about after!


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