When You Feel Faster And Smarter Too Often?

This is something that frustrates me and I think that it surely has an impact on my personal life lol but given that I've pretty much always been forced to step in, step up and take charge, it's become a habit. And when those I'm with are clearly about to make a bad call, it's HARD to stop myself from doing what I always do, which is to try to help them prevent problems.

How do I tone it down? I never mean/intend to offend anyone and often it's my job to do this... and lastly, when it comes to guys and if it's something I'm seeing, if I feel this way, does that just mean we're not a match if I feel as if I'm mentally several miles ahead of him?


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  • Learn the simple art of making them think it was their idea. It's pretty easy. If you really just want to get things done and have them run smoothly you won't care if you seem to be in charge or get the credit. On the other hand if you really just want to be acknowledged as better than other people that won't appeal to you much.

    In relationships I find it wears to be too much smarter. They should be able to keep up at least. An agreeable temperament is more important to happy interpersonal relations in any case.

    • Thanks, it's a good idea and I actually have been making suggestions and then saying things like "what do you think, is this a good or bad idea?" So let's see how that goes.

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