Girls, How to get back with your ex-girlfriend after you have given each other space?

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up 5 months ago. I feel this is because she lost attraction to me. I'll be honest with myself and say I acted like a doormat, I wasn't assertive and I lost my confidence during the relationship. I will also say that I didn't take care of myself whuch was chief amongst the reason she called it quits.

in a bid not to lose her forever I agreed to remain friends. That was the most painful experience as I felt we were still dating without intimacy and the idea that I've become friends with someone I fell in love was painful. After we had finished law school we hung for two nights and then I came out telling her if I had another chance I do things differently. She kissed me and it caused confusion.

After a a few days of thinking hard I decided I needed to get some space cause I felt like it was not going anywhere. After two weeks I decided to check up on her and she said she wants space now and we shouldn't talk till my birthday next year. I agreed to it but it's left me thinking have I made the right decision to cut her from my life temporarily? Will this help us? What should I do in this period to improve myself? What can I do to get her interested again because I can not imagine being with anyone but her.


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  • Extreme long periods of space is not a good thing. I think it's a great way to distant each other (which i know you don't want but she does) the situation can turn icky. You can contact her and tell her you've been thinking of her and that may help break the ice and connect you back with her, but you have to say something sooner then later.

    During that period, you can regain your confidence by looking after yourself. Whether that will be going to gym, or having a hobby of some sorts. Being around friends etc

    • Thank you for your insight I appreciate it. The time we have given ourselves is enough to improve myself. What I don't understand is why she said my birthday though.

    • No biggy honestly. I guess time to improve yourself at this very moment is all you may need right now. I'm unsure why she said to get back in contact on your birthday. Maybe new age, new start in life? I'm not quite sure

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