If the expectations each gender has for the other would be reversed?

.. do you think you would have it easier to find a partner?

Say the societal expectations that women have for men (powerful, rich, strong & protective) and the societal expectations that men have for women (beautiful, caring, knows how to cook & clean) would be reversed so men would now be expected to be beautiful, caring and know how to cook and clean and women would be expected to be powerful, rich, strong & protective - would you say that the chances for you personally on the dating market would be better or worse? And why?

Just a fun little experiment 😜

  • I'm a women and I'd love that!
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  • I'm a man and I'd love that!
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  • Hell no! I'm good the way it is.
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  • Yes of course, because it is almost always the men who are expected to make the first move. If I were a woman, all I had to do was to sit pretty, and men would approach me.

    • But what if you're not lucky and are not born the perfect woman (in which case most men will likely just go for prettier women)?
      Also, think about it in the long run.

    • Well... even average or below average looking women get approached. It's just that the number of men approaching them may be lower. I'd take that any day over having to do the approaching myself, and risking rejection, insult, and humiliation.

    • That's cool then :D

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  • Nope, it would be the same for me. I went from not being powerful, rich, strong, or protective -- to not being beauitful, caring, cooking well, or cleaning well. xD Come to think of it, now that I'm a woman in this society, it's amazing how much the genders have in common! For the life of me, I can't understand why there has been such turmoil between the sexes for so long. :P

  • Spoiled trophy husband here I come!

  • Urgh... I think it would still be difficult for me 😂

  • Maybe but I think I'm fine the way it is


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