When a guy calls you everyday, but seldom asks to see you physically?

So I've been dating/sleeping with this guy for 2 months now. We both study abroad and he's only staying in this county out next semester. But, we are from the same hometown.

The problem is that I don't get what he wants eventhough I've already asked him. We're out partying a couple of times/week where we always hook up, and he always stays the whole day after. We've just become exclusive whitout having to talk about it. He calls/text me every day, but there's only been a few times when he asks me to physically see eachother on a regular day. On my initiative we've eaten out a couple of times and it was reallt nice. I took the initiative to show him what I wanted and I've asked him why he hasn't taken any initiative on that front back. He replied saying he thinks it's scary to get involved again, he dosn't want anything too serious now, that before he met me he's been in a relationship in which his ex cheated on him.. so I undertand him too. I replied that I'm just asking to get to know eachother better, meaning to see eachother sometimes before 1am, which in my opinion is not much to ask about at all. I don't want to feel like he's using me, which I pointed out last time. He got really mad at me saying that and he said he's started caring for me and he's been telling about me to his friends and mom. One last thing.. There's a guy here I hooked up with a couple of times here for 2,5 years ago. This guy is always out partying and he told "my" guy that he's been with me +++ (Who does that?).. They always meet eachother when we're out and I know that "my" guy is really bothered by it...


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  • Then he's not really interested in you

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