Guys, Not interested in relationships after 30?

When I was in my 20s as a broke ass college student I chased girls all the time. However I am now 34 years old I run a company other then that I spend most my time bodybuilding and the tables have turned I have girls chasing me, texting or calling me straight out offering sex. However other then hooking up when I feel like it I have no interest in girls at all. Im more committed to my own interests, any other guys feel this way? Whats the point of a relationship?


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  • Some women have issues with age gaps. It's definitely easier for the person on the high side of the gap because the gap represents less of your life so far. Don't settle for girls who want a hookup, go for a woman who wants to love you.

    • I don't want to sleep with random women, I'm not going to devalue myself for something quick and easy. In addition how can I value a woman if she doesn't value herself?

  • Well I'm married.

    But that matches what I've seen.

    I often see women saying 'guys in their 20's don't want to settle down till they get older'. And I always disagree. I knew -more- guys looking for relationships in their teens. Only the most popular guys were screwing around then. But as guys have relationships and often have not so good ones, and hit their late 20's and dating market turns in their favor, more guys i know are -less- relationship focused and more 'we'll fool around and see', until they ACTUALLY want to settle down and have kids. But that's different.

    • I don't find women really know what they want and I'm not interested in being in a relationship just to fill a gap for someone. I would rather be alone the rest of my life then be with the wrong person. It seems more and more fall into that wrong person category.