Do you think the label "date" ruins or dampens the mood of the outing?

I usually don't use English in my daily life for communication purposes, so I rarely use the word "date". But I feel the moment someone tries to establish the outing as a date, it spoils/dampens the mood or just creates unncessary expectations.

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  • Not at all. I always appreciated when a guy was clear about his expectations. A guy might ask me to "hang out" with him and I have no idea what that means. It could be just friends hanging out or it might be a date. There have been several times a guy asked me to hang out, and I had to idea he meant a date until later.

    • So one-on-one hang outs are common with friends over there? We usually hang out in groups of friends, plus the way we ask our crush to "hang out" is such that you could catch the drift (the style of asking out as a friend and as a crush is different).

    • Yeah, it's common (at least with the groups I've been involved with) to have close friends of the opposite sex. Two people can hang out and have it be totally platonic. And I'm horrible at being able to tell the difference unless it's spelled out, haha.

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  • Hmmm... maybe if you smoothly use the phrase "pardon miss, would you like to go out for a Designated Aquaintance Time of Eating..."

    Yes? Oh what jolly fun for you to join me on this D. A. T. E.

    Dont use the word date unless you have a plan to back out and claim you were kidding.


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  • No way. For me it makes me happy if a guy uses that word cause then I know he's serious about me and doesn't just want a hook up or friendship.

    • What would your reaction be if it was unexpected (from a friend you didn't realise he liked you)?

    • Well if I had a thing for him too then I'd be very happy about it and will say yes. I'd be surprised obviously :) If I didn't have feelings for him I might be hesitant and won't go all out to make it seem like I'm interested. I might tell him then that I see him more as a friend.

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