I Feel Like I Will Never Find "the One"?

I am 20 years old and I am in college-I go to a small liberal arts college with about 2,000 students. I have never been in a relationship before (not by choice). I have never been asked out on a date or a guy has never asked me for my phone number. Sometimes, people I do not know tell me I am pretty or beautiful. But guys, especially college guys, do not seem to notice me. Sometimes I go to parties but no guys even want to "hook up" with me (not that I am interested in hooking up). I always hear girls at my college talk about having a boyfriend like it is so easy to get a boyfriend and it makes me sad. I get really depressed because I am about to be 21 and I have never had any experiences with men. This leaves me feeling hopeless and restless about ever finding a guy; i feel like I am going to stay single forever. I know people usually say to focus on yourself and that love comes unexpectedly. The thing is that I try to put myself out there and get involved in activities but I can never seem to "unexpectedly" find the right guy.


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  • you and many many many many other people. the good news is, most of those people eventually hit their stride.


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  • Do ya flirt with guys who attract ya, or otherwise show an interest in them?


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