Guys, Mixed Signals?

This summer I started hanging out with a guy who I've had the same mutual friends with for years. Every time we seemed to get close he mentioned he was moving out of state which he has since done. We still talk all the time but he never initiates the convo.. However he has expressed adamantly that he is coming to see me (this is a two thousand mile trip one way) and it is clearly not a platonic visit. Still he seems almost to purposefully put off my messages at times and then other times tells me he is specifically wetting aside a time to speak with me.. I am so confused by this guy. I know he hasn't been in a relationship for a few years as he had a marriage end badly but seriously what does this mean. He wouldn't be planning a trip if he wasn't that into me right?


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  • If he's really planning one. I'd take a we'll see attitude with him

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