I was teaching my girlfriend how to ride a motorcycle and was wondering if my prank was a bit too much? Should I take her out tomorrow?

I have her my old 250cc sportsbike and i was teaching her in the parking lot. So we been at it for 1 month and she can do it herself now. So we were riding back to her house and we have each other on bluetooth speaker. I was like "sara! that a spider?" Now i though she was going to react normal but boy was i wrong! She was like "WHAAT OMG SPIDER?" i was like "yeah yeah, omg it's big and on your back!!". She legit started to go crazy and yelling and was almost fell with her bike. I quickly told her it was a joke, then she began to cry and said she got worried and scared and i'm mean.

You think it was a bit much? I took her out for dinner on Sunday but should i do it again tomorrow?

Any last ones?


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  • Yeah, women always overreact to things they are afraid of. It's never a good idea to put someone at risk of dange while driving a death machine.

    • i didn't know should we react like that. As for "death machine", it's only deadly when you do stupid shit on it. If you ride it normal it is very fun.

    • At least you know now and hopefully she's over it. I only say death machine because my boyfriend also rides motorcycles and I'm always worried for him. Even if you are riding safe there are other people on the road who might not see you and it can be deadly.

    • yeah i understand that. With my girlfriend i never go fast. With my friends.. well... we like to have fun lol when no cars are around (i will say that much).

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  • She needs to be able to deal with that shit if she's going to ride or she will get herself killed.

    I had a big old hornet bounce off my chest and land on my thigh right as I was riding into a tunnel on a bend on the interstate, a notorious accident spot. I had to just let him shake himself off and dig his stinger in, right on the inside of my thigh, if I'd have flinched I'd have been a grease spot.

    • yeah, that is what i told her. Like you can't let a little distraction make you lose focus cause you will get very hurt.

      Oh man, lucky it didn't sting you too and you kept your cool. Sometimes she gets distracted when she see's dogs (she loves dogs), I i tell her once she has more experience she can look but for now focus ahead.

    • It did sting me, felt like somebody stuck a red hot knitting needle in my thigh. I just had too let it happen. I felt lucky he only stung me once. When i got through the tunnel I turned my leg out and blew him off.

    • oh shit! dang :/

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  • Lol, aww ❤

    Yeah, since she seems to be really scared of it.

    You can take her to dinner again but apologize beforehand so she knows you are sorry.❤❤


    • i'll say sorry and promise her i won't do it again. AND take her out to dinner

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