Had a great first date... now what?

I went for a date with this guy about a week ago and we had a great time.
When we parted he said he really enjoyed it and wanted to see me again.
We have chatted via text since everyday.

Last night was quite quiet then no reply since.
Am I freaking out too soon?

Lets say they don't message back just yet shall I leave it a couple days and just come right out and see if they want to meet up again?

I already know I'm over thinking this!!



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  • Some guys would wait some time before asking out for the second date. It could be that he is busy. One night is not enough to tell if he is ignoring you for good. He could text you again some day later. If he does not message you back, initiate a few messages to him. If he ignores, then it is highly likely that he is not interested.

    • Thanks. He replied the next day and looks like were going for #2

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