Ex doesn't want to see me?

Texted an ex if we could meet up and hang and got no response? Few days ago we texted and he said he always think of me in a positive light so I figured why not hang out and catch up. But no response. Im assuming he doesn't hate me and just doesn't want to see me cuz he doesn't care to? We've only been broken up maybe like 3 weeks.


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  • I think he doesn't want to see you because he hasn't resolved his feelings yet, and you shouldn't push him and in fact you shouldn't have contacted him at all, at least not this soon.

    • Man I don't know. I think he just doesn't want to lead me on. I remember him teling me he uss to see this one girl and they quit talking to only break contact a few months later and she was all up on him and he was like no. But , its like too, how come if he could see her than how come not me?

    • It hurts man and even when we broke up (he broke up with me) he was like "I mean, itz not like I don't ever not wanna c u again..." ... so repeating that in my mind and him avoiding my invitation kinda stings. But he doesn't think negative of me? I don't know

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  • id give him some space he's probably confused on your intentions

    • I agree but I told him my hurt was gone and least one more catch up (no sex) be cool. I really wanted to see him and even when we broke up he was like "well, I'd like to see you again its not like I don't ever NOT wanna c u again." But I don't know maybe its best I jjs keep going forward not look back. Our personalities just aren't compatible enough to worry about anymore. Thanks!

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