Dose he really still care, or is he keeping me hanging?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3yrs, but things have been really stressful recently a lot of arguing, and we both have done things to really hurt each other, not cheating!(to my knowledge) but things have been a little hard . . . .

So about three weeks ago he says he wants to take a break! That we need to work on ourselves things are to stressful right now, and we don't need to be together right know because things can't continue the way they were, And if we were to be together right now things wouldn't change but he knows we will be together in the future and still loves me.. . . .so I was like hysterical so hurt by this and couldn't believe he wanted to do this, and never really gave him the space because I was in shock by his decision! But recently I've been leaving him alone.He said he's not gonna tell me what to do as far as talking to other guys because he doesn't feel the same, or knows when he will want to be together again.

So we do have a child together and when he comes to see him before he leaves he dose still kiss me . . .and the other day we did have sex (I had to beg him to ) and he didn't pull out, so I call him a few days later like what if I got pregnant and he's like I did it on purpose I have been wanting another baby for a while(which is true) and I'm like but were not together! and he says well I would still handle my responsibilities and it would make him do what he has to do! . . . ..I'm just really confused is he trying to keep me trapped until he makes up his mind? Is he just trying to teach me lesson and putting me through this brake so I really change my ways? I don't get it!


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  • Yes e does care for you.


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