How do I tell him the truth without hurting him?

So this guy and I have been talking for a few weeks and he's taking things extremely fast to the point that im questioning my feelings for him. To be completely honest for now I just want to be friends. What do I do?


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  • Next time he is taking things too fast just let him know that he is taking things too fast

    For example:

    Him: Blah Blah feels feels blah heart spillage

    You: look (name), you're rushing things and its kinda scarring me/freaking me out, right now I just want to be friends nothing more, but it do like you and I'm just trying to know myself and what I feel. End of convo

    Or you could just be crazy bitch on this dude and say something like 'When my ex broke up with me.. I looked myself in his room for 3 days sniffing his crusty wank sock'

    Something fucked up would do


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