What characteristics determine the presence of a man?

'what characteristics determine the presence of a man? how important is this to women?


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  • Even though I can take care of myself, it's nice to know that my boyfriend can "provide" for me. Now I'm not talking about money, but take care of me emotionally and physically. He's able to console me when I'm upset, or give me sound advice. But most of all, he's there to support me. It's easy for a guy to pay for some dates, but a real man is wise, patient, and giving. He'll realize when you need him, and is reliable.

    But also, a real man knows when he's in the presence of a real woman, and accepts nothing less.


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  • he pays for dates and is independent

    he'll take care of a baby if he's responsible for it

    and he is mature. has ethics. can be a father figure and is responsible for his actions.

    these I think are basic characteristics that define a man

  • I barely understand the question.

    Do you mean like, what are the main things that define someone as a "man" or not?

    Because that's actually extremely complicated.

    In my own personal opinion, I find a guy most masculine when he's aggressive, has moderate-sized muscles, broad shoulders, has a little bit of facial hair, and doesn't have delicate facial features.

  • depends on the girl...

    personally I like confidence, (border-lining cockiness... but don't push it haha)

    and humor. a funny guy earns some serious points.

    and don't try too hard, its a huge turn off.

    • But why is it that in some instances, a guy who is all of what you say still never has success. It's like people avoid this type of guy sometimes like guys would with a hot girl!

    • What do you mean guys would with a hot girl?

      my ex was the complete opposite of my type but he was hilarious and very positive. you clearly haven't met the right girls!

  • confidence

    treats himself and others with respect

    doesnt let anyone make him look like a bitch

    is mentally strong but not fake macho either

    oh and of course a penis haha


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