Girls, would you date me based on these pictures, if so why (not)?

I have had this picture for a week now and I've messaged about on Ok Cupid with minimal response along with using all my likes up on Tinder every day (100+ per day) yet I'm getting nothing back. Is it because I look young or what? be honest and brutal if you have to, the best thing would be to say what you think the problem is and have a solution if so
Girls, would you date me based on these pictures, if so why(not)?


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  • You look like a good guy... and sadly... for dating sites that's bad.
    You look like 16, for real, I was surprised when I saw your age

    You're not bad looking, but most girls look for the bad guy look (not necessarily the bad guy attitude)

    Like the other girl said, you look like the kind of guy I would introduce to my parents

    • thanks this sheds some light on the situation :) I'm not entirely sure how I could get the bad guy look, I suppose I have the gentleman aspects and humour but is there a way like hair-do or fashion that could help? I'm a lot less insecure now but I'm still aware that I look young and carry the nice guy card in a cruel world, I feel like changing myself to get somebody else is wrong but I need to do something I'm 20 and still a virgin

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    • even my mother said just smirk but I'm a happy/positive person so it's hard haha the beach picture is a good excuse to show what's for sale haha but some girls can be fragile over things like that as if it's posing

    • Your mother is right haha, a smirk would look good, you have a beautiful smile tho, but it gives you the sweet guy look.
      Yeah, the beach is good for that haha
      Some girls would find it attractive

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  • I don't date people based on their pictures alone.

    • fair enough, others are very picky though I'd say my Ok Cupid profile is interesting and not weird and as for my Tinder motto it's decent but it's mainly picture based

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    • You look nice

    • alright thanks :) that's all I wanted, the other comment was great saying about showing that I'm interesting in my pictures which is worth a try

  • You seem nice and cute. defenately presentable for my parents

    • oh thanks haha :) in my town it seems popular to go for the bad boys, but I'm still not quite sure why the lack of responses are so bad :/

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    • that is a brilliant idea! I saw some guy posting pictures with pets and it caught their attention although he said he doesn't give a toss about his pets haha I suppose it's like playing the game into my hands

    • Glad I could help☺️

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