Couple questions about this girl I'm talking to, is she into me?

I started talking to this girl about a month ago through Tinder, we finally went out last week to a bar. We had a really good time and we got along really well. We didn't kiss (partially because I dropped the ball a bit) but we have been talking way more since our date. We were supposed to go out this past weekend but she had a rough week and wanted to just stay in, but we still texted most of that night.

We are supposed to be going out tomorrow, she has asked me what I want to do and I said it didn't matter, I suggested a few options (I'm new to the area, so my options are very limited). She said she has ADD and that kind of shows in the texts. She will ask a question, go silent after I answer, then respond with something completely random. She almost always sends me multiple texts and rarely sends one word responses. It's just sometimes difficult to get an answer out of her. She has started making a lot of sexual jokes and saying "that's what she said" a lot, which I think is a good sign ha. I've told her she's beautiful before (over text) and she seemed to respond well to it.

She has also told me a bit about an ex that she had, and not at all in a good light. It was only for one day that she talked about him but it was almost all negative, and it seems like she is completely over him and I think she was telling me that to see how I'd react to how he acted/was in the relationship.

I really do think she likes me, but I am not very good with these things and I've been burned before. My last question is, should I ask her to go to dinner? Or to another bar? She likes going to bars a lot, I know that and she said herself that she wants to show me the cool places to go in the city. Should I just say "let's have dinner/go to the bar?" or should I give her the option to choose between the two and see what she would rather?


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  • She's probably been dropping hints to the places she likes to go. Ask her out to one of those but if not letting her choose once shouldn't hurt