Entering the dating world again? Online, meetups, etc?

Well, long story short, I had a very bad break up a while back and now I'm ready to get back in the game. But since I've been out of school it's been really hard for me to meet guys because the majority who approached me were my classmates.

It's not like I'm going outside and thinking "TODAY I MUST FIND A BOYFRIEND" , it's more like I would like to make new friends and if someone special comes along then GREAT. BUTTT I'm having a really hard time doing that. I volunteer a lot and you would assume I meet a lot of guys but nope, nada.

I've tried dating apps like OKcupid, Tinder, and CMB. but I feel like the guys I talk to on there are sending the same response to like 10 other girls. and I feel like I'll be judged if I use a dating app.

Please give me your opinion on what you would do. If you have ever experience this dilemma before, include your story.



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  • That long story short, wasn't short.

    • Well, it's shorter than it was supposed to be

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