What am I doing wrong?

My boyfriend always gets mad or sad everytime we dont get to hangout. I do too but ugh. I try soo hard to hang out with him every weekend. I always try to change my plans for him and I always try to hangout with him even if I'm not allowed to or whatever. I just feel like he doesn't understand how hard I try. How much I care and love him. We see each other in between each class and we hangout mostly everyday after school for about an hour at the pond. I've been hanging out with him more than I ever that I could and I feel like its just not enough for him. Other people tell me that we hangout all the time. My friend and her boyfriend rarely see each other because of how busy they are. My friend told me that my boyfriend doesn't know how good he has it but honestly I dont know. Relationships aren't supposed to so complicated are they? I always find myself crying before sleeping because of how bad I feel. I just want to make him happy but apprently I can't do that. Please help me. I dont know what to do. I'm just so frustrated with myself and everything else.


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  • Stand your ground talk to him and be honest if he doesn't understand then he's not right for you.


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  • They are damn complicated... but they shouldn't be making you cry every night. That isn't right.

    If you're busy, you're busy, he entered the relationship knowing the schedule you both had, so he either has to live with it, work with it, or exit it. He should not be guilting you, getting angry at you, or demanding you to stop having a life outside of the relationship for the sake of seeing him all the time.

    I get that couples should be spending time together, but when you're in school and you have a lot to do that can't be helped. In all honesty I would say it's best you guys break up, but I have the feeling you won't do that. It just seems you don't have enough time and it's doing you a lot of harm.

    But if you insist on staying you need to tell your boyfriend that he has to accept that you two are individuals regardless of being in a relationship, which means life will separate you. But it's your commitment and willingness to work through it that keeps it together, not getting pissy and expecting you to drop all other plans to please him.

    I hope this helps.


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  • Relationships are hardwork, and you are doing nothing wrong, you are trying to make time to see your boyfriend. I just think he needs to try to understand how things get busy and that sometimes you can't see him every moment.. You shouldn't be crying at night time, I would talk to him about it and tell him that you are trying your best, but sometimes I can't, due to things (you have to do) how old are both of you?