How can I keep up what we had with a longer distance between us?

I have been seeing a guy at uni for the last few months.
But he has gone back home now & I will too.
We got very close, especially in the last month or so.
He slept over every night & our relationship was very physical, we never really texted unless we needed something.
Now he is home I am worried he will get over me.
We have been texting a bit, but i'm not very good at banter and i feel like I am being boring, he doesn't text much either.
How can i keep up what we had with a longer distance between us?


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  • Distance can be difficult, especially in your situation where you're young and only been together for a few months, and it sounds like most of the relationship was based on the physical connection. It may not be what you're hoping to hear but maybe it's just not the right relationship for now. If you both don't text much or talk on the phone regularly, and can't be together physically, that may be a sign that this one should be put in the "Good/fun experience" file and if you end up getting back together in the future great, but it might be worth considering moving on. Good luck!


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