Single, lonely, without friends or relationship?

how do i fill this dark void of feeling alone. there's a reason why i would like to date someone. and that is to have someone in my life. i can do things with. cause at the moment i don't have any friends or nothing like that. that visits me.


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  • You know what you need? A horse. You know why you need a horse?

    No? Well, I'm glad you asked. I will tell you.

    - Horses are like giant dogs. Ever seen a giant dog and thought, "Man, I would ride that thing into battle?" Yeah, you know what you actually CAN ride into battle? A horse.

    - Horses are intuitive. You know who can help you solve all your world's problems? A horse. They just know.

    - Horses go hella wicked fast. Ever wanted to know how to it feels to fly? Just clamber on up there and go.

    - Horses don't mess your house up. You know why? 'Cause they live outside. Unless you want a mini horse in which case you can totally bring it inside and have an indoor horse. But I would not advise that.

    - Horses are eco-friendly. You know how much waste they produce? In terms of recycling? None. Boom.

    - Horses can be your friends. Isn't it kind of lame to talk to a horse? Well, my dear sir, no it is not. See the point about them helping you solve all the worlds problems.

    - You know who else likes horses? Girls. You know what girls who ride horses like? Guys who ride horses. You know how many guys who ride horses exist? Not near as many as girls who ride horses. You know what riding horses means? You're around females a lot. Lots and lots of females. You know what your chance as the only man in a barn full of females is? Much better than your chance as a random guy of a hundred at a bar.

    - Horses cost money. Why is this a plus you ask? Well, in case you decide that maybe female companionship isn't what you need in your life right at that moment, never fear, there's another creature to use up all your cash so you can get the genuine girlfriend experience without having to deal with all the makeup and friend drama. Unless you want to show your horse or your horse decides to make his horse friends mad.

    - You know what doesn't cost lots of money? Horse girls. Why? Because they have better things to do with their life than spend it on material things like the highest fashion and demanding fancy dinners. You know what's cool to a horse girl? Taco Bell. You know how much TB costs? Like $5 for both of you.

    - Horses live for 20-30 years. That's like a guaranteed friend for the next quarter decade of your life. Boom.

    - Horseback riding is a workout. One hour of horseback riding, for the average 150 lb person, for an hour, burns like 300 calories.

    So there. That's why a horse will solve all your problems.

    You're welcome.


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  • You just stop giving a fuck, that's what I did, and I'm trying to do keep doing. Yeah, I may be single, have little friends, and spend most of my time alone, but I'm spending all my time with someone awesome: Me.
    You can bring yourself down or you can love yourself, you choose.


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  • I would suggest you put yourself out there and find some friends. The more social you are, the more friends you are going have.

  • perhaps join a club sometimes you have to go out there


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  • Go out and talk to a tree, when people walking by and felt shocked, then you talk to them instead hahahhaa

    • haha thanks for the laugh. I might give that a try sometime. but im sure ill have to be fairly drunk first :P

    • Lol love this answer 😂

  • Home is home but it can also be a prison. why not step out and explore? meet new people?

    • oh srry I thought I added more. but yes I have been all around my city trying to meet people. I have even drive 2 hours out of my way to show people I cared. but they didn't give 2 cents. and dude this isn't a joke. I wish it was sadly :/

    • with all honesty humans dont want to be around sad people thats the cold hard truth and in order to be in a relationship you must learn to be happy by yourself. once youve masterd the art things eventally start falling into place.