Do girls like it when they get options for a date?

I am supposed to be going out with a girl tomorrow, last week we went to a bar on her suggestion. I am new to the area so I really don't know of any good places to go. She said it was her goal to show me as many cool places as possible. I was thinking either going to a bar again or dinner at a tavern I went to a couple weeks ago that I really liked. Should I just say "hey let's go here (insert bar or tavern) or should I ask which she would rather go to? I never know if being assertive about this kind of stuff is good or not...


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  • I like it when the guy is assertive. Shows me that he knows how to show me a good time and that he has given the date some thought and consideration. Which indicates he is excited and invested.

    Since you are new to the place, I would suggest you ask around for opinions on whether the place is generally considered nice for a date night. Get a couple of alternatives too.

    Then say, "hey for Saturday (or insert day here,) I would like to take you to (insert place here.) This place is great. It has (say what you like about it.) I think you would like it too... Or we could go to (insert alternative here. Say something about why you chose it.)

    She will appreciate the effort of the research you did, and also voice out her preference. Good luck!


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  • Hey, let's go to bar xxxx , AGREE?
    If she doesn't agree, she will put on another opt. then u decide whether the opt u like or not


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  • Did she drop any hints as to where she likes to go? If not do some research. I had a girl get mad at me over this after she declined the place I suggested and so we went to the place she suggested to go.

    • @giggleswilmington

      Yes it's a major turn on when the guy suggests a place that is related to a point of conversation from a previous date. Like I shared with a guy on my second date with him that I loved bakhlava, but couldn't find a place in Singapore that made it well enough. And for the third date, he picked me up and drove me to a place that made devine bakhlava!