Can you love someone but not see a future with them?

My current bc says he thinks he loved his ex but knew things were always temporary. That he didn't see a forever future with her. Is that possible? If so, any insight of personal experiences?


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  • i think its true. i feel that i have loved many women but for mainly prideful reasons i knew it was never going to last more then I don't know a year or so. dating and marriage are two completely different things.

    • What do you mean by prideful reasons?

    • like they slept with too many people or had kids been previously married lots of stuff like that.

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  • yep. I've been in that situation and it is a sad realisation to come to.

    • How come there is a discrepancy?

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  • That is bullcrap. If I personally loved someone, then I'd go out of my way to ENSURE that I have a future with them.


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