Should I move on?

Should I move on?

Ok so I met this girl on tinder weeks ago we went in a date and it went really good. She bought me flowers and she kissed me. We really did have a great connection. I honestly fell for her right then and there. She has such an amazing spirit. Not to mention she is also beautiful. We haven't seen each other since cause my aunt doesn't know I'm lesbian & she is very strict. so it's hard to see her. Lately I felt she wouldn't talk to me as much. I texted her and this is how the conversation went. My question is should I move on or keep trying?

The conversation between us :
Her : I really don't know my feelings for you I just so lost right now ugh
Me: It's ok. I'll give you time. If that is what you need.
Her: Why are you so patient with me you can find so much better than me
Me: Ok if you don't want me to. Then I don't know what you want me to do.
Her: No that's not it just never had anyone wanting to wait for me


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  • If you like her then keep trying. If you are really uncertain of your feelings then let her go That sucks that your aunt is strict.


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