Guys I Have A Question For You? Is It A Bad Sign, I am worried Now?

So Me and this guy are longdistance we usually communicate through social media, A few weeks back I told him I was going to get a ticket to come and see him, he always seemed eager asking had I booked. I haven't heard from him since last Thursday. Yesterday I saw a good deal on a ticket, so I texted him said I was going to book that evening to come on 12th November, and wanted to check first if that date was ok with him first. The message said it had been read, I saw later that I had a missed call from him, but we don't usually phone one another, its usually just chat. But I am worrying now, is it a bad sign that he has phoned me?

Guys I need your help

I noticed after the phone call he had been on the whatsapp, but didn't try to phone me again or message me?

I don't know what to think?


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  • I personally think since you guys don't talk much on the phone is more of an issue. i had a long distance relationship that turned out amazing we are now living together and madly twin flames, lol.
    Anyway, we text'd endlessly but also talked to each other on the phone every single day. well I think we missed on or two days but that was it before we met for the first time.
    So my opinion you really don't get to really know a person unless you have a deeper connection then this typing BS. A lot can be hidden and it sounds highly suspicious that he isn't responding when all the sudden it's a possibility to finally meet.
    when we set it up we talked more and was more and more excited.

    that seems to be missing from your boy.

    • We didn't used to talk on Skype, and on the phone, but haven't in a longtime to be honest, but I messaged him to tell him I was coming and wanted to check if that date was ok, and I saw later message had been read, and later looked at my phone, and he had called me, but didn't call him back as it was late, he phoned me after finishing work, so is it something to worry about him phoning me? Do you think?

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    • Just I worry, I don't get why he didn't just message like he has been doing lately

    • i know you worry, WE ALL KNOW THAT lol.. it's OK you just cannot do this to yourself. first you need to get to a place in your soul where you'd be OK no matter what the deal is about any situation life hands you. No man can make you happy. You can be happy all on your own. If it doesn't work out believe me it will be OK. and if does then great. get in that mind set and you will never be too lost even if you and any significant other have a disagreement that it's not the end of the world. So get to a place in your soul where thinking is not part of your day about matters that is unknown. Just a waste of time. good luck

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  • Have you not thought about ringing him, to clarify things.. It would seem the obvious solution to me.

    • It was late when I saw the missed call, he had phoned me after he had finished work, and he would have been in a taxi on the way back home, and didn't want to ring late, when he got home, it takes him quite a while to get home also. Does a guy usually phone to give you bad news? Do you think I should be worried? Its something bad?

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    • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.. Or perhaps.. Who dares wins.

      Now will please, please PLEASE phone him NOW, then you can tell me all about it, then I can spend the rest of my day not worrying about you.

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