The dating game how to make it work?

Cut a long story short I've been chatting by phone and text to a guy I messaged on a online dating site for the pass week , we get on well he's great and we texted every day since but yesterday I didn't hear from him :/ do I just let it go and move on? I really liked him and we both said we felt a connection , do I just not text? I texted him yesterday morning to say have a nice day etc and he said for me to also but nothing since , what should I do? Wait for him to contact? Or move on? I'm new to the dating game


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  • So you had to initiate a conversation for once and that means it's time to move on? You poor thing you :'(

    • It's all new to me , I'm just scared of rejection I suppose

    • Great, now you understand what a guy feels like every single time he initiates anything with a girl

    • I have messaged him
      See what happens ,

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  • I wouldn't think of it as a game. I see a lot of people on here talk about someone they've been 'dating' for months but never met in person. I know you've only been talking to him for a week but any reason why you guys haven't set up a date?

    I've done online dating and as soon as I decide to give him my phone number we set up a date. Usually just a drink after work and I go into it with no expectation of a second. It is usually a good idea to have another first date with someone else in the works. For me if the date goes well the date with the other guy can help you measure that or if the first date is less than well you aren't bummed because you have another one later that week.

    That's not to say I date more than one guy at once. For me three or so dates is enough to know if I want to pursue a relationship with someone. With my current boyfriend I knew for sure by the end of our second date. You just have to find what works for you and keep it casual. Not everyone that peaks your interest is going to be right for a relationship with you so I always go in knowing that and being surprised when they ARE a good fit. Best

    • He lives in London so over a hour away from me , we was suppose to meet Saturday just gone but a hour before he couldn't make it saying his car wasn't reliable and it was to late to book train tickets etc but that night we talked on the phone for 4 hours he seems lovely but yesterday I messaged him in the morning and told him to have a nice day etc and he said for me to but I haven't heard since :/ he has said he doesn't like texting but I'm confused , texted / talking is a way to get to know someone? I messaged him earlier but haven't heard anything yet as he will be working , maybe he's not interested? I'm a little gullible I'm way to nice that's my problem :(

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  • So just text him if he's interested in doing something soon.

    • He lives a hour away I just don't want to come across desperate and I texted him yesterday morning and he replied but nothing since

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    • Yes and we got on well but Saturday just gone we was suppose to meet but a hour before he couldn't make it :/ and toms me his car was playing up and was to late to book train/ couch etc I was ok Bout it and that night we talked on the phone for 4 hours. I messaged him yesterday morning saying have a nice day etc. And he said the same back but nothing sobs yesterday morning , if I message him what do I say? Do I say how are you? Or just wait for him to contact me?

    • Sorry my phone swaps words was meant to say nothing since

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