Why can't I get a girlfriend?

so i haven't tried to get a girlfriend, but i kinda want one.

i just close myself so much from people its hard for me to get out there. if i go out with my mates and some of my mates gf's i am fine after some drinks and get a bit loose. i always treat girls nicely.(although i don't kiss their feet) for some reason i never really flirt with girls because i just speak to everyone with the same mannerism.

any tips?


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  • Well, you answered why you can't. But to maybe help you try to get one when you want to and are ready...

    You do have to open up a bit. This can be difficult (I myself I'm a reserved person). If you can smile and make eye contact occasionally that would help. Some girls understand other people are shy, but if you show you are friendly, that'll make you more approachable.

    Don't try to force yourself or try to be something you're not. Just be you... if you let loose a bit later, maybe you can show your funny side. I would advise not to rush in to anything if you are looking for more of a girlfriend and not just a hook up. Patience and understanding goes a long way. I hope the girl shows that with you, too.

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    • ok, if in the near future we come across again, say hi :) i will know it was the friendly anon

    • I will surely do so! :)

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  • Transfer your abs to me, then u may get a girlfriend.


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  • lol... well u can't get one because u ain't trying.

    i dont think u necessarily have to flirt with a girl to get her to like u tbh, so that's alright. u really just need to take the time to find someone that clicks with u, not just the first random hot girl u see. also, dont get into anything if u dont feel ready or if u feel that all u want is to get laid. a girl likes to be recognised for more than her body.

    finally, u just need patience. just remain true to who u r, make an effort to approach women and hopefully a decent one will come your way.

  • start being a bit more open and flirty. A few tips might help:

    -make eye contact with the girl you're attracted to, when she looks back at you, smile and break the eye contact.

    -compliment her and show her the best side of you

    -try to make her laugh, but much more important is to have a fun conversation. don't talk about serious subjects, keep it light. (if she says something you don't agree with, instead of trying to prove her she's wrong- ask her how did she get this prespective)

    -be genuinely kind and caring for her.

    We girls find looks important (so try looking the best you can) BUT much more important for us- is your personality.
    If you have a great personality and you show was you care about us, we WILL love you. seriously, though.


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  • You can try to looking up single events that goes on in the community and start going to those. Online dating is ok but, sometime it's a waste of time when you are trying the right one date. Going to single events, you are already there to mingle with people and you can learn a lot about them in person. If you think about, it's really like you are on a date and you have a chance to get to know people around you and not through a computer.