Why did this girl randomly reply to my whatsapp message after 4 weeks?

She replied to a text as if the convo is still going wtf? It's been about 3-4 weeks I hadn't heard from her. I saw she did read my message but never replied. What gives? It's clear she's interested because she said I 100% have a chance with her, so why did she take so long to reply to it? And why reply trying to continue the convo after 4 weeks? Help? Why not just start out with "Hi how are you"?

didn't reply, only looked at the text. This is some childish stupid shit I can't deal with


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  • I'm guessing she got side tracked with someone else or something else but my bets are on other guy that she might have been seeing as well. It's not uncommon for a girl to fade out when she met someone new who she fancies. Likely it didn't work out and now she's trying to open the door again :/

    • Lol what a load of shit. I dont get chicks at all, either I didn't reply. What kind of person continues the convo after 4 weeks of no contact. Im out

    • Well good for you.

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  • Replying after weeks is not a sign of someone who is 'interested'. Either she lied to you, lost interest, or trying to play hard to get.


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  • woah chill dude! maybe she just didn't get time to reply until now and thought she would continue the convo n felt bad. If it was me i would apologise for not replying sooner and it's kinda rude of her for not replying so just give her the cold shoulder a little by replying late to her txts as if it doesn't bother you and if ur both still interested then it should work out fine. If she can't be bothered to give you her time why should you give yours?

    • didn't have time? 4 weeks? Yeah and santa fucked the Easter bunny and thats how I was made.

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    • @Bimbobambo yeah definitely better to stay away from people like that

  • Hmm, maybe she was waiting for you to text her all this while. Now she doesn't want to initiate a conversation (cos that will give away that she is still interested,) so she carried on the last conversation?


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