Girls, Do I always have to text her first?

I've been talking texting this girl for about 4 weeks, we'd text like everyother day but i always initiated, except for one time. we've hung out once and it went well, but I always have to text her first, she usually seems enthusiastic when she replies and asks questions about me. Recently though like the past two times when I text her she ends it abruptly, should I stop texting her? Or wait until she texts me, or stop talking to her all together

  • keep texting her
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  • wait for her to text me
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  • cease contact entirely
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  • ask her to hangout again
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  • I suggest focusing more on actually hanging out together and getting to know one another in real life than worrying about texting. Texting
    can be boring and isn't really a good way of getting to know someone.


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  • She should text you too. If she doesn't maybe she is trying to give you a hint that she isn't interested?

  • No, she should text you first sometimes.

  • It is a sign she finds you annoying.