Help with a crush and not sure what to do?

I have a crush on this girl in my fire department. We are friends. We recently went to a haunted house with 4 other friends. I can't tell if she likes me back in the dating way or not. During the night she would shoot pics of me and others or ask me my opinion on stuff. She would always ask me to pick like what to do. But then the others would say why she's alway asking me and she would say since I drove. I'm not sure if she used that as an excuse or not. But then yesterday we had lunch together. And she alway taking pic of me and sending it to her friends. So you think she some what likes me since she did go to lunch or just thinks we are friends. She just recently turned 2 guys down who asked her out.


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  • I have no idea. Based on the things you said her behavior seems completely friendly towards you.

    • How can you tell if she does or not?

    • She is constantly taking pictures of you and she asks your opinion on various topics.

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