Can someone explain Tinder to me?

I just joined, set up my profile/photos and connected through Facebook and set my preferences.

All I'm supposed to do is like or reject girls? I hate how it gives miles away but no location name.
Do my Facebook friends see my activity, I haven't seen anyone on tinder that is friends with people I have on Facebook yet it says 7 connections from Facebook?

Also, one girl I liked apparently liked me to and said I'm a match. I messaged her and never got a reply back but she's been on recently. Why like me if your not going to bother to talk? She's a nice age too and lives very close.

I have my search women 21-35 and I've liked over a hundred within 30 miles of me. Nothing. Would it be crazy to have age up to 40? I am looking for young women to have a baby with but if an older woman wants to fuck mabye I should broaden my age search?


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  • I have no idea how tinder works, but I think you are putting too much thought into it. If she liked you and you never got a reply from her, so what? Move on to the next girl.

    • I heard there are bots and fake profiles so I'm thinking that might be it.

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  • It's a feminist thing...


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  • Yeah, it's a shower of shit!

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